Wednesday December 14th, 2011.

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Because of all the crap going on here in the UK I feel moved to say something on this blog.

Here we are, almost 30 years on from the events described in my blog and what has changed? Absolutely nothing! Cameron is Thatcher’s bastard son, and Corporal Clegg and his pathetic cronies prop him up while he destroys our country! There are millions on the dole and not surprisingly, it’s young people and women who bear the brunt and still they keep cutting  and forcing us to pay while their rich friends get richer. That smarmy git Osbourne really makes me want to smash his smug face in!

What about ‘New Labour’? Well, Tony Bland and Gordon Clown had 13 years to make a real and lasting difference to the people of this country, especially the working class, and all they achieved was to ban fox hunting and fiddle their expenses. Oh yes, and they abolished Clause 4 and any pretence at being socialists. Now we have the laughable ‘Red Ed’ who has all the charisma of a slug, and a smarmy, slimy one at that. He refuses to stand up for those who feel forced to take strike action and even slags them off as good as Toff Cameron and chums. I really do despair because there seems no end to the terrible depression us poor people have to suffer. I know first hand because I’ve been signing on for a year and once a fortnight I get a grilling at the laughably named ‘Jobcentre’ and have to keep a written record of what I’ve done to find work! It makes my blood boil and I long for the day when the whole evil system of capitalism collapses. One thing I do know is that one day strikes will achieve nothing except those lucky enough to have a job losing a days pay. I say ‘lucky’ but I don’t really mean that. Working conditions these days seem to be worse than ever and everyone is scared they will lose their jobs. Of course I could be smug and say that if people had listened to us back in 1984 we might not be in the position we are in now. However, I won’t say that. What I will say is the working class people of this country need to realise that if they don’t take action the Tories will continue to crush them under their jackboots. The gap between rich and poor is greater than it has ever been and I don’t blame the people who chose to riot in August. I think there will be more riots next year because people are angry, and hungry. They can’t lock us all up.

To finish let me have a rant at football players getting more money per week than a lot of us can earn in a lifetime. It is WRONG, and I wish people would boycott matches and force the bastards to sort it out. I can’t take my 10 year old to matches because there is no way I can afford it. I can’t afford £50 and more to go and see a group or singer. What kind of society are we living in that allows all of this to go on. Why can’t people realise they have the POWER to change things? End of rant, for now!

  1. hi looking for a map of all the closed uk coal mines please

  2. Hi NormanStrike,
    I’m doing a short essay on the miners strike for my studies at Ruskin College, Oxford. I want to look at the effect of the Union of Democratic Mineworkers on the NUM strikers. Would you be happy to answer a couple of questions? If so please e-mail me at
    Rob Morgan

  3. Excellent post Norman. Couldn’t agree more, especially re: footballers’ pay. When ARE people going to wake up to this revolting business? I despair of people sometimes. I can’t BELIEVE people who have so little money, and so little job security (if they have a job at all), STILL go along and effectively agree to pay these greedy bastards.

    Mark Birkett, Manchester

    • Thanks Mark. It just pisses me off, even more now because of the vicious attacks on disabled people, bedroom tax, if we are all in together why not tax everyone. Buck Palace could pay of the national debt. Anyway, got to go shopping for dinner. Once again thanks for the support.

  4. I enjoyed your blog about the strike. I’m a colliery bandsman and Westoe Band still shout Zulu when they go away to the bewilderment of others. The political situation in this country is knackered, Labour are just making left-wing noises about Gas for votes, they’ll turn on us again when in power. I saw Tristram Hunt on Question Time last night defending teacher performance-related pay and free schools. That’s what’s in store from them, more Blairite, Tory shithouses.

    I’m a skilled man but I’m living precariously from agency job to dole and back again. I have to keep even my union membership quiet otherwise I’m instantly replaced by an EU citzen. Where I live in South Yorkshire preference is given to thousands of Poles and other Eastern Europeans for work on former colliery sites, the left celebrate this diversity (and look like twats doing it) while the right gain support over it. Meanwhile the people who were traditionally left-wing and their offspring languish on the dole, their aspirations crushed and the social fabric breaks down. Who’d have thought that we’d be denied basic trade union and employment rights at Grimethorpe and Houghton Main pits? It’s like the past 100 years never happened. That’s the legacy of the strike’s defeat and I can’t see it getting any better. I’m of the opinion now that it’s too late. People are thick as pig shit and worship footballers and X-Factor. A lot of the former NUM lefties from the strike (and some that never worked at the pit at all) are doing very well career-wise and finacially out of this nostalgia wave especially the turncoats that now hold political office. I thank you for your blog and hopefully the more enlightened members of the working class will one day wake up and use it wisely. Take care.

    • Thanks Jimmy and very sorry for the suffering you are going through. Bastaad Blair has a lot to answer for, not least getting rid of Clause 4. Good luck. I’m retired now and life still aint easy but as always I will continue to plod on. All the best.

  5. Just saw Still The Enemy Within. It was heartbreaking but you and the other comrades featured made me proud.

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