The Miners Strike, 1984 – 5. My Diary.

I am proud to say that I spent the whole year as a proud picket, and to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the strike starting I thought people might be interested in the diary I kept for recording my memories of what I went through and how it changed my whole life. The world turned upside down.

  1. Norman,
    Martin just told me about your blog. Just skim-read a bit so far. Great stuff. Can’t wait to clear some space so I can get stuck in.

  2. brilliant and inspiring stuff norman… thanks for posting your diary and experiences up.

  3. Brilliant a real treasure trove

  4. outstanding stuff. A proper treat

  5. This is fascinating – an ingenious idea. I look forward to dipping in over the next year. It’s also an important record of the Strike from a frontline view. Thanks!

  6. Excellent Norman .Good to hear from you after all these years

    Steve B

  7. Hi Norman,

    Wonderful to read this and good to hear you are alive and struggling. Your diary is an example to us all to try and follow. We need to make sure people today know what is possible and how to (and how not to) fight back. This is an excellent way to do it.


  8. Thanks Norman …..25 years ago …it seems like yesterday all the best mate.
    Ian Mitchell

  9. Hi Norman,

    I love the blog. It’s so informative, especially for the likes of us who grew up in a different society and only read about the strikes from afar. i have only started reading, but your style and wit is so easy to follow that i look forward to going through it all; and not to mention it’s fills me with great pride (and you know why) every time i mention it to anyone

    Tony Amolo

  10. Excellent blog.
    Brings back fond memories of the strike as a young activist and SWP member. From Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, the Kent coalfield and then as a student in Manchester.
    Days I’ll never forget.

  11. Great stuff Norman. I’m proud to know you mate and proud to have stood on the picket line for 12 months. Skint but proud!!!

  12. Hi Norman. Thankyou for sharing your diary.It is a fascinating read. I am attempting a novel set in the strike and you have helped me with background atmosphere with the Orgreave chapter.

  13. I’ve only started to read the blog but I’m hooked.
    I was at school whilst family and friends were on strike and getting food parcels delivered. It never affected me personally, but I saw at second hand the change it made to lives in the NE. The missus still talks about the strike even now. I’m pleased you have decided to do this and good luck with any future ventures.

  14. Only meant to give this a brief look over but ended up reading the whole bloody thing from start to finish. Thanks for keeping a diary all those years ago, and thanks for posting it here.

    • No problem Mac, even though it has been published by ‘Bookmarks’ under the title, ‘Strike By Name – One Man’s Part in the 1984/5 Miners Strike’ I decided to continue it as the blog. I know it makes depressing reading, at least it does for me, its a true account warts and all of what I went through 25 years ago. Thanks for the comment.

  15. Your diary is so much more than an account of the strike, Norman. It seems also to document the sad disintegration of a marriage. I know that for many the strike proved to be a catalyst in their lives but I wonder how many divorces were a by product too? It’s a fantastic read. Thanks.

    • Thanks Linda, There were far too many divorces and break ups caused by that strike but as the cliche says, it all turned out right in the end. Kath and I are friends and she came to my wedding in 2000. Glad you ‘enjoyed’ reading it. Norman

  16. hi norman i was with you in nottingham

  17. I was sent a link to your site and it is excellent. I was only 11 in 1984 but remember it vivdly. I grew up in a mining village in Northumberland and am proud to say my dad stuck out the full strike. Never forget those endless months living on home made soup every day from the stuff dad grew in his allotment! Brilliant websit mate, thank you!

  18. Hello Norman not sure if you remmember me i was also a member of the SWP and a fellow picket. excellent blog m8 I look back on those days with some happy and proud memories.

    • Hello Ian, how the devil are you? Thanks for the nice comment, and yes, I look back on those days with lots of happy memories. You can find me on Facebook if you use it.

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