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122. Friday November 23rd, 1984.

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I heard from my solicitor in Newcastle this morning that my trial in Edinburgh has been set for February 7th, no bail conditions. Civilised people, the Scots. Me mam always calls them Scotchies.

Gary rang and told me only 7 scabs have gone into Westoe this morning because they’d been visited and shown the error of their ways! Good! Mind you, the NCB have offered another bribe of £175 plus back pay to any miner who returns to work before next Friday. The bastards are getting really desperate now, but their 30 pieces of silver will only succeed with a tiny minority.

The majority of us will treat it with the contempt it deserves, especially as it comes straight after the tories deducting a further £1 from the pittance a miner’s family is supposed to live on, about £14 a week, all normal bills expected to be paid. Debt! Single miners get nothing, not even picket pay for me just now, a charity case living off handouts from supporters.

I met some ambulance drivers in Kenton and was given £20 in cash, and the promise of regular sums to be sent to the kitchen. If all this money from London is written down on the sheet at Westoe it should really give them heart to see the range of their support.

I can speak to Jen and Sasha on the phone, but Kath refuses to speak to me. Bloody hell! I just don’t think I deserve this.


119. Friday November 16th, 1984.

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I have spent the week visiting colleges and factories from Kilburn to Croydon but the best meeting happened this morning at the Central Middlesex Hospital, near Neasden. I had been invited to speak by the NALGO shop stewards and my audience was a group of female office workers who I was warned were very hostile towards the strike. They stopped work and listened to me for about ten minutes as I told them about my own experience of the strike, and how I saw picket line violence, about being jailed and banned off picket lines, and how I was trying to collect funds for the kitchen. I told them how the families of striking miners got next to nothing off the state, and single miners got nothing at all. They fired all the usual questions at me, i.e why should taxpayers keep uneconomic pits open. I asked them how much they thought the electricity bills would go up if we end up relying on foreign coal? I felt really good when we’d finished, with them agreeing to pay a weekly levy to the Westoe kitchen. Not only that but a woman who had asked the hardest questions gave me a fiver from her purse. This has shown me yet again that even the most hardened of critics can have their views changed by hearing our side of the story.

The Redskins have gone on tour but Chris has let me stay until he gets back. Kath hasn’t returned my calls so I guess our marriage really is over. Can’t take it in somehow. Unreal.

Bloody hell!! Just had a phonecall telling me 30 scabs have gone into Westoe, straight through the picket line in a ‘battlebus’, all silvered windows and steel mesh. I can’t believe it, though they reckon most of them are from affiliated unions, not the NUM. How do they know? As far as I’m concerned its the union officials at Westoe who are responsible for this because they did nothing to encourage men to get on the picket line, even after the disgraceful attack on the community by the pigs. We must get to these passive men somehow because if we don’t, 30 will soon turn into 300!

I did a paper sale at Dollis Hill tube and was shown the site of Grunwicks. It’s a pity we can’t get the same support! Sold 5 papers and got almost £10 in a bucket collection.