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147. Monday February 11th, 1985.

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I finally cracked today and had a huge row with Kath. I’ve decided to leave as soon as my case is over up in Scotland. I just can’t take the hostile atmosphere any more so I’ve moved back onto Paul McGarr’s settee in Newcastle. The girls were really upset and it’s not fair that we allow our hatred of each other to affect them any longer.

I spoke to a group of students at Sunderland Poly today but I wasn’t my usual defiant self. Still, it was good to see we still have some supporters left.


128. Wednesday December 12th, 1984.

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I’ve spent the last couple of days in Croydon as a guest of Steve, an SWP comrade. he has been great, helping me to raise yet more funds for the kitchen. The best was this evening when I spoke to a large group of shop stewards at a factory in East Croydon. They weren’t an easy audience and asked a lot of hard questions, especially about the death of a Welsh taxi driver taking a scab to work. My answer to that was that if we had been allowed to picket then men wouldn’t have been forced into such desperate actions away from the pit. My only regret is that the scab survived! I received good applause and a promise of support for the kitchen.

Kath rang tonight to apologise for her cold reception of last week and asked me to return to spend Christmas as a family. I said yes and am going back on Friday. I have to go back anyway for my court appearance and I’m expecting to stay at Paul McGarrs place in Newcastle and visit home during the day. We’ll see how it goes.

116. Thursday November 8th, 1984.

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I spent the morning helping out in the kitchen, then headed off up to Newcastle to meet the Redskins in the Tyne Tees Television studios in City Road. I watched the band rehearse, then we got together to plan what I should say tomorrow. Chris reckons it’ll only take 20 to 30 seconds for them to work out what is happening so we worked out exactly what I could say in that time. I was thrilled to meet Rik Mayall because I loved ‘The Young Ones’ but I was a bit disappointed that he talks quite posh and is not like his character. Daft I suppose but there you go.

This evening we went for a lovely Chinese meal in Newcastle and I got to know Martin and Nick better, and Adrian, the bands manager. Chris said that I’m welcome to spend some time at his flat in London after I told him Kath and me have split up. I think that’s what I’ll do because it will get me away from Kath, and I can perhaps do some fundraising when I’m there. Xmas is only a month away and we need to give the kids a good time if we can. I really enjoyed myself tonight.

I spent the night on Paul McGarr’s couch in Newcastle.