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124.Friday November30th, 1984.

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Got a lift down to Brighton with Debbie and Sue, band girlfriends, to see the Redskins perform again. They were shit hot, really tight, and the brass section were blasting out all the songs I’m growing to love,’Keep On Keepin’ On’, ‘Go Get Organised’, ‘Take No Heroes’, ’16 Tons’. Great stuff! Martin called for me to go up on stage and I was bloody blushing because the packed crowd were chanting, ‘We want Norman Strike, we want Norman Strike’. I felt like a pop star myself! I made a speech and got a tremendous round of applause. Wish I could do this every night, especially the free food and booze in the dressing room afterwards. Early hours car ride back to London, flying!


104. Friday October 12th, 1984.

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Someone, probably the IRA, blew up the Grand Hotel in Brighton today but they missed Thatcher! Tebbit is reportedly badly injured but the rest of them got away. No one has blamed violent pickets for it yet but no doubt they’ll get round to it.

Most of the pickets I’ve spoken to are as jubilant as if we’ve won the strike. Of course, blowing up the bastards isn’t the answer but at least it shows its not just us miners who hate Thatcher and everything she stands for. They brought it upon themselves.

I spoke at Newcastle University and got a great reception. More importantly, they’ve promised to help us raise funds for the soup kitchen.

85.Monday September 3rd, 1984.

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TheTUC Conference opened in Brighton today and was lobbied by a large crowd of miners and their supporters, despite fears of a massive back to work movement in the coalfields.

Scargill was given a tremendous reception when he took to the stage to speak to delegates. he gave his usual fiery defiant speech which got a great reception. The rest of the TUC Mafia gave him verbal support, but rhetoric is one thing, and action is another. They’ve promised to support us but I’ll only believe it when I see it, if I see it!

The picket at Westoe was very quiet and no one tried to go in. A lot of men are getting pissed off with the regular Monday picket but I think we have to keep it going to put off any potential scabs.

Kath has been told by her bosses that if she wants to stay in her job as Warden of the Women’s Aid Refuge she must take her chance with other people and reapply for her job. She is very upset at this because she’s done a great job. I think she’s being picked on because one of her bosses on the Board that runs the place just happens to be a policewoman, and Kath’s the wife of a striking miner. I hope I’m wrong because it’s not helping our marriage. Whatever happens we’ll manage. We’ll have to!