142. Friday January 18th, 1985.

In Uncategorized on January 17, 2010 at 8:34 pm

The snow has gone as quickly as it appeared but it’s still bitterly cold. Passive picketing is once again the order of the day at Westoe. The lodge officials do nothing and are seemingly content for the strike to reach its expected conclusion, defeat!

The NCB are claiming 135 back to work but we reckon there are only 24 NUM members included in that number, with 45 mechanics and 35 COSA members. Still, it’s enough for the bastards to encourage others. Me, I’m dead proud to be a Westoe miner!

Kneel Kinnock spoke today and yet again showed his true colours, a whiter shade of white! He said of yesterdays protest by Skinner and co,’If they think the miners are helped, or the Labour Party is helped by what they are doing then they are not living in the real world!”Earth calling Kinnock on Mars!!!!!! Bloody idiot. In complete contrast 500 rank and file labour activists joined the picket lines in Yorkshire.


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