141. Thursday January 17th, 1985.

In Uncategorized on January 17, 2010 at 8:22 pm

Looking out of my bedroom window this morning gave the perfect start to the day. A blizzard was raging outside and the ground was covered in deep snow, a sight only a striking miner could truly appreciate.

My good mood quickly disappeared down at the picket line because everyone seemed to be content to merely shout at the scab buses, shattering my optimism of yesterday that a new mood of militancy was growing.

Scargill spoke in Durham today, desperately trying to raise the morale of his flagging troops, with over 3,000 lads present. Why didn’t he tell them to march on one of the scabby pits like Wearmouth? A golden opportunity lost. According to him, power station workers in Yorkshire are on the verge of striking, so why wasn’t he speaking to them? It’s alright hitting the tories in their pockets, but Scargill seems unable to realise they will spend what it takes to defeat us, and get their money back in the long run. When we are gone.

Also today, in the House of Commons, the ‘Campaign’ group of left wing MP’s began to do what they should have done from day one. They demanded a debate in government time on the strike, and when that was denied, they caused a row and parliament was suspended. Dennis Skinner told Thatcher,’You aint seen nothing yet!’ We aint seen nothing for 10 months!

A large part of  British Rail went on strike today in support of men sacked for supporting our strike. It’s only a pity they hadn’t done this a lot Earlier and we might just have won!

To end on a high note, a scab has been seriously injured at Westoe and we can only hope the bastard dies in agony!


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