123. Wednesday November 28th, 1984.

In Uncategorized on November 27, 2009 at 5:50 pm

Adrian, the Redskins manager, ‘hired’ me as a ‘roadie’ for their gig in Hammersmith Town Hall but it was really a gesture of solidarity because there was no work for me to do. A man has to live.

It was a brilliant gig and the band were on top form in front of 1200 fans. I was really embarrassed, and chuffed, by the number of people who recognised me from ‘The Tube’ but it did give me the chance to have some good discussions, and my collection bucket was really full. The Three Johns were the support band and I really loved their set. Jon Langford is a brilliant guitarist and the guy on vocals is manic. Excellent. I got the chance to speak in front of my biggest audience yet and got a fantastic reception. Good for the ego.

After the gig I collected with some Kent miners and when we counted it up we found we had £210, which was brilliant. Chris told us there were some striking miners from Notts who were worse off than us so I halved my share with them because the Kent miners refused point blank to give them anything! They disgusted me to be honest because there are fewer miners in Kent than at Westoe alone, and they have really milked the support from London. So much for solidarity!


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