100. Tuesday October 2nd, 1984.

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Kinnock’s speech today to the Labour Conference was a bloody disgrace!! Yet again he bleated on about his hatred of violence and said the law must be obeyed. He should have been at Westoe last week, or Easington so he can see where the violence is really coming from! The bastard is just trying to curry favour with the middle classes so Labour can get elected. If he is on the side of the working classes then I’m a Dutchman. Anyone who believes that a Labour Government under Kinnock and Hattersley will be vastly different from Thatcher’s Junta is living in cloud cuckoo land!

The NCB has threatened to close Wearmouth if men are not allowed in to do ‘vital safety work’. To their credit the union officials have refused unless the scabs are stopped. Let’s see who cracks first.

Also today I went to the Media Workshops in Newcastle where some lads from South Shields, Richie Whitfield and Phil Turner, are setting up an exhibition that links together a local miners strike in 1832, the General Strike of 1926, and the present dispute. They want to show how little has changed in the way the ruling class operate. It’s an interesting fact that in 1832 William Jobling, a striking miner, was the last person ever to be publicly gibbetted for allegedly murdering a local magistrate. It was a blatant attempt to break that strike organised by the newly formed union in the Durham coalfield, an attempt to scare men back to work. All that has changed today is that we can’t be hanged, yet, but Leon Brittan’s threat of ‘life sentences’ for miners amounts to the same thing. Like the men in 1832, we won’t be scared off.


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