96.Wednesday September 19th, 1984.

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Fuckin’ hell!!! We have a scab at Westoe and all has broken loose around the pit, with riot police everywhere!

Apparently, at six ‘o’ clock this morning a man called Walker went into the pit through the back entrance where there were no pickets. It was only when the bastard came out at the end of his shift that the pickets realised he was scabbing. he only lives 50 yards from the pit so he was quickly besieged in his house by an ever increasing crowd of people, angry that one of their neighbours had betrayed all their hardship and suffering by breaking the strike.

The pigs started to arrive in full riot gear and without any warning started to wade viciously into the crowd, kicking, punching and clubbing anyone unfortunate enough to be in their way. People were chased in all directions, men, women and children, with one old man of 70 being beaten to the ground, and his small dog, who was trying to protect him, was kicked over a wall. The pigs insulted women who came to their front doors to see what was going on, calling them ‘filthy sluts’, ‘dirty cows’, and ‘whores’ whilst their children screamed at their sides. It was horrifying and disgusting and totally over the top.

After having cleared the whole area the pigs ordered council workmen to tear down our picket hut, which had been provided by the local Labour council, flattening it despite pickets personal belongings being inside.

12 arrests were made, including the local ‘Lollipop Lady’, and a man who collided with a passing pig when he was getting out of his car to visit his elderly mother. He’s been charged with,’Obstructing the police’, and rumour has it he is a member of the SDP. Perhaps he can tell ‘Dr Death’ about it and change his views about the ‘hooligans on the picket lines’.

Predictably the local TV news covered the pigs riot, and in their view, everyone should support the poor scab who is merely exercising his right to work, and besides, his mother has a weak heart. So does her fuckin’ son!!!!

Let’s hope that this disgusting display of thuggery by the police, and the scab who caused it, only goes to strengthen the resolve of the men not to be bullied back to work and make us all the more determined to stick it out.


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