83. Thursday August 30th, 1984.

In Uncategorized on August 30, 2009 at 10:53 am

No picket at Wearmouth today because the scabs leader, a twat called Seed,had promised they wouldn’t go in if there were only 6 official pickets on duty. Wearmouth officials agreed and we were sent to Monkton Coke works near Jarrow where a lone scab had crawled out of his dung heap.

We made a real attempt to stop him going in but the pigs were far too organised and 11 men were arrested. The pigs were vicious and the Monkton men had their first bitter taste of state violence.

The arrested men were dealt with very harshly by the Tory court and have been banned from every picket line in the British Isles! This is astonishing when you consider it was the first ever arrest for most of the men and they were only charged with Obstruction of the Highway. Local Labour MP’s have expressed their shock. Where have they been for the past 6 months??

Whilst we were fighting the pigs at Monkton, Seed and his mates went into work as usual, informing the official picket that they meant 6 pickets at every pit in the country. Bastards! We won’t get fooled again, I hope!


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