82. Friday August 24th, 1984.

In Uncategorized on August 24, 2009 at 3:20 pm

Wearmouth again and that bloody fence is still there. Despite it we had a good push and almost stopped the police van taking the scabs in. Only eleven of the bastards went in today and that proves picketing works if it’s sustained. 26 arrests though, which isn’t good.

The lads down in Easington are having it really rough and riot police virtually cut the place off. Men are being arrested for nothing and known militants are being beaten up. People’s houses are being invaded for no reason and the village is full of pigs in full riot gear. Thatcher’s Britain 1984! When are people going to take notice of what is going on in their own country? Dangerous precedents are being set. It’s us miners today but it could easily be the rest of the workers turn next if we don’t start getting the support we so desperately need.


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