78.Monday August 20th, 1984.

In Uncategorized on August 20, 2009 at 9:37 pm

Today was my first day back on picket duty after having time off to be with my family. The picket was at westoe in case anyone was daft enough to fall for MacGregors new ‘back to work’ plea. I ripped my letter up as soon as it came through the letterbox. No one tried to work but i did manage to sell 15 copies of Socialist Worker. There were about 200 pickets on duty.

   At Easington a lone scab tried to report for work but was prevented by over a thousand pickets, which is excellent, especially as a lot of the community turned out to support the miners. Of course the media are hailing him as a hero and are urging him to try again tomorrow and ignore the intimidation. I saw the bastard on the local news, Wilkinson he’s called, and he doesn’t look or sound like a ‘full shilling’ to me. He’s the first scab in the North East and let’s hope he’s the last.

   At Wearmouth Colliery 15 scabs, all COSA members, went in to work and took everyone by surprise. A mass picket has been called for the morning to try and nip the scabbing in the bud.


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