51. Wednesday May 30th, 1984.

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Woodside again and no action at all. There was a major confrontation at Orgreave where thousands of police have been battling with pickets. There were dozens of arrests, including Scargill, and loads of pickets have been injured. No matter what people say about Scargill he is without doubt the best trade union leader going. I can’t think of any other leader who would even stand on a picket line let alone get arrested alongside his men.

Why the hell aren’t we down there? What the bloody hell are our local leaders doing leaving the Yorkshire lads to fight alone whilst we waste our bloody time at drift mines? One thing is certain and that is we can’t win this strike if we can’t support each other!

  1. i think you,ll find we did send lads down to orgreave, because i was one, the westoe lads were right at the front face to face with the pigs who were banging there shields with there batons,when the push came it was tommy wilson and the zulus who led it, the people at the back were throwing missiles at the pigs but they were dropping short and hitting us!!
    The charge from them huge police horses is something i,ll never forget, here,s us in trainers and t shirts up against horses and riot police and more than likely the army!
    The pigs on horses lashed out at anything and anybody, i remember big fred out of the control room being belted because he was too large and too slow to run, i,m just pleased i had me reeboks on!!

    • Hi Chris, we did go to Orgreave, but not until June 18th.I was there too and if you read the blog when it comes you’ll see I mention Tommy Wilson, who got quite badly battered, and big Fred Taylor.I share your memories.

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