36. Wednesday May 2nd, 1984.

In Uncategorized on May 2, 2009 at 9:06 am

This morning  I suggested that we try the ‘Gandhi’ tactic of passive resistance and sat myself down in the middle of the road, loudly urging everyone to follow my example. Bloody predictably only about twenty or so of the lads followed my lead whilst the majority stood idly by and laughed at us, treating it all as a huge joke. The bastards watched as the pigs dragged us from the road and threw us into the mud on the verge! One of the Westoe Lads, Manny Benham, was thrown straight into the back of a police van because he had the audacity to answer back an inspector! That’s British justice  1984 style! At least the lad had the guts to try and do something different. It’s all getting very frustrating.

  1. Its been an amazing coincidence reading this diary/blog while all the G20 stuff has been going on. I helped initiate a miner’s support group in the first weeks of the strike at Sussex university,and like thousands of supporters around the country,learnt,with the miners,that the British police are the military wing of Thatcherism.
    Arguements about violence/non-violence,the real role of the police etc were everywhere. And there was no better teacher than a police baton.Today,those G20 protesters are learning all the same lessons.

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