32. Friday April 27th, 1984.

In Uncategorized on April 26, 2009 at 11:01 am

We did the ‘pie run’ to Tow Law this morning but the whole thing is a bit dispiriting because of the passivity of the picket.

This evening I was invited by the Gateshead Trades Council to attend a May Day dance at the Guildhall in Newcastle.

It’s now 2.30am and I’ve just finished counting the collection that was taken. There is £156 altogether, including a cheque for £50 from a man who would only say his family had all been miners and that he could easily afford it. I asked him to make the cheque out to the Lodge, not wanting it made out to myself for obvious reasons. The rest of the money will go into the ‘pie fund’, which is exactly what I’d appealed for when I made a short speech in the interval. The audience was great and it gave me a personal boost to speak again in public.

  I had a great night out, getting on particularly well with an SWP member called Mick Armstrong. He drove me home through fog so thick you could cut it with a knife. I hope he got home OK.


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