22. Friday April 13th, 1984.

In Uncategorized on April 13, 2009 at 11:14 am

I met up with Yunus Baksh, an SWP comrade, in Newcastle this morning. He is a really committed activist who I’ve seen a lot of over the past few weeks. He does have one fault, he’s a Hull City fan, but I suppose someone has to be! Anyway, I finally did it and joined the SWP, though I’m not sure Friday 13th was the right day to do it!

The SWP have invited my family and myself down to the Derbyshire Miners Holiday Camp in Skegness for the Easter weekend. Kath isn’t very keen because she says it will be too political and she has no interest in politics, but the fact she supports me and hates Thatcher makes her political whether she likes it or not. Anyway, I’ve managed to persuade her that it will be a nice break and there will be plenty to keep her and the girls occupied away from politics and no one will try to put any pressure on her. The fact that it’s a free holiday means we won’t be out of pocket because the party is paying. She only earns £47 a week from her job, and though we are better off than a lot of striking miners, it aint a fortune so I refuse to feel guilty. I’m sick of feeling guilty.


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