16. Monday April 2nd, 1984.

In Uncategorized on April 2, 2009 at 8:28 am

It was nice to have had some time off, especially as it gave me the chance to try and explain to Jen and Sasha exactly what is going on. I’m not sure they fully understand but at least they  know why I keep disappearing.

I spent the morning going round the shipyards with Peter St.Clair, a ‘Militant’ supporter who knows most of the shop stewards. We did quite well, considering 3 of the yards have been privatised and the other one seemed against unions!We managed to collect £86.25p, and had lots of good arguments with the workers going in. Mind you I’m getting a bit pissed off with calls for a national ballot. We don’t need one because we voted with our feet, and the majority of miners are out on strike. We need to move forward.

This evening I attended a meeting in Newcastle which had Peter Taafe speaking. He’s one of their leaders but he doesn’t say that. Anyway, to me they all seem more concerned with getting Labour elected than supporting the strike, and I hated their method of raising money. A young lad stood at the front of the audience and began haranguing them for money to set up a daily paper. The guy started by asking for someone to donate £100 then worked his way down to a fiver. I was astonished when a lad stood up and donated his Giro cheque! However, being a natural sceptic it seemed stage managed. I was not impressed.

I was even less impressed afterwards when I spoke to Taafe and he was arguing for a bloody national ballot! Very revolutionary. I could have punched the smug git!


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