8. Tuesday March 20th,1984.

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This morning a couple of us went over to Swan Hunters at Wallsend to try and collect some money with some SWP members. I was a bit surprised at the generally negative attitude of the men going into the shipyard. One man said he was going to lose his job anyway so why should he support us? Despite this we still managed to collect £46 which will help finance pickets to go down to Notts. We made sure that everyone contributing knew what the money would be used for, and that we were working independantly of our Lodge. We did this so that no one could accuse us of collecting for our own pockets. We bought a cash book and entered every penny we had collected and had it signed by witnesses to the collection.

The SWP members we collected with made no attempt to recruit us, unlike Militant, and when I asked why they said I should make up my own mind. They also said I should attend one of their meetings, and perhaps I will because they seem genuine people, mostly students.

The police presence in Notts has been stepped up dramatically and the Yorkshire pickets are being stopped from even entering the county! The scabs in Notts have made it clear they have no intention of entering the strike unless a national ballot is held. Their union leaders have even told them that it is alright to cross picket lines because the strike is unofficial. This is a disgusting betrayal of basic trade union principles. If the picket line isn’t respected they will play straight into the hands of Thatcher!


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