7. Sunday March 18th.

In Uncategorized on March 18, 2009 at 9:44 am

Tragically a young Yorkshire miner, David Jones, was killed at Ollerton Colliery in Notts the other day and the Tories are calling for an end to all picketing. Fuck them! We need to step up the picketing so the lads death won’t be totally in vain and get those scabby bastards out!

A group of us at Westoe are growing increasingly disillusioned with our union officials because they seem totally disinterested in organising picketing. So, we have set up an unofficial strike committee to raise our own funds so we can get away from the pit and into the places that are scabbing.The lodge officials have totally refused to send pickets down to Notts even though Westoe is 100% solid. How can they be so short sighted?

Militant have promised to help us raise funds in the shipyards, and to put us in touch with other miners in our area who want to fight. Hopefully we can show our stupid officials that we are more than capable of organising ourselves. If we wait for them to take the lead the strike will be lost!

Keeping regular daily entries in this diary is getting more difficult, especially as Kath is whingeing about the time I spend out of the house, so I will just have to do it when I can find the time.


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